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We reach out to communities and call them home, we commit to help those most vulnerable and call them family. Sponsorships in iReach stem from our core belief that every human deserves to be loved, educated, healthy, and safe. Regardless of who, how and where people were born, we tirelessly work to help them. A sponsorship is a monthly committed donation on a long term that helps those in need to start anew, and lead independent healthy life. It lifts them out of poverty, war zones, hunger, and disease. iReach proudly offers a wide range of sponsorships, and implements easy and innovative approaches to manage them, such as mobile apps, online sponsorship, and home collection agents.


Sponsorship Managed by iReach

In iReach, we have experience in managing sponsorship projects for years, through which we have been able to provide many methods and solutions that help you to donate to ensure the poor and needy groups around the world, through the campaign of donations in the seasons as the month of Ramadan and days Hajj, and in shopping malls. iReach has also created technology solutions that help you to ensure that the poor do not leave your home through the association’s website and through mobile applications.


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iReach strives to reach out to all orphans. We work to find new and innovative ways to help those most in need to start a new life.

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We work to reach out to all people around the globe regardless of where or how they were born.

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Join iReach now to end poverty in the world and save thousands of lives.


Sponsor a student now, and light a dark path. Help them to see the world through different eyes


With iReach you can fight illiteracy and sponsor a teacher now.


We proudly share our Islamic values with the world and we invite you to be part of this achievement